♛ Paintball ♛ [8 GAMES IN 1] TDM, FFA, CTF, DTC, RTF, KC, LTS, DOM

♛ Paintball ♛ [8 GAMES IN 1] TDM, FFA, CTF, DTC, RTF, KC, LTS, DOM files leak

♛ Paintball ♛ [8 GAMES IN 1] TDM, FFA, CTF, DTC, RTF, KC, LTS, DOM

The Giant Feature List

  • 8 Full Minigames Included
    • Team Deathmatch: The traditional Paintball game mode. Whichever team gets the most kills wins
    • Capture the Flag: Whichever team gets the most other team's flags to their base wins
    • Rush the Flag: Same as Capture the flag, however there is only one flag in the middle. Each team fights for to rush it to their base.
    • Free For All: Team Deathmatch, without the teams. Each player is on their own team.
    • Domination: Each team has a 4x4 sqaure which other teams try and secure. They secure it by standing
      over it for a certain amount of time.Their score is subtracted every 10 seconds to the amount of bases they have
      (the more they keep secured the more points they get)
      Last Team Standing: No arena timer, the arena will not end until there is one team left, and that
      team wins.
    • Destroy the Core: Each team has a "core" with levels. To win you destory the other team's core by
      throwing Paintballs at it. Whichever team is last alive or has the highest life on their core wins.
    • Kill Confirmed: From Call of Duty. Like Team Deathmatch, however when you die you drop a tag. To
      confirm the kill you collect the tag and get points. If you do not confirm the kill and someone on the other
      team gets it, you do not get any points
    • Last Team Standing: Each player has a limited amount of lives (set in config.yml). The last team standing which hasn't run out of lives last wins.
  • 8 Free maps designed for this plugin
    • Download Abyss, Asylum, Castle, Classic, Nuketown, MilitaryBase, Parkour, WinterFortess
    • Use WorldEdit to place the schematic files
  • CrackShot Support
    • Create your own guns using CrackShot
    • Totally optional, if you do not want to use CrackShot there are really fun default guns already included!
  • Fun Donator Perks
    • From giving in game custom guns with different accuracy, speed, etc. to allowing donators to already join already full or in progress arenas, there's plenty of perks to add to your donation packs!
  • Multiple Arena Support and Unlimited Arenas going on at once
  • Paintball Splash Effects
    • Armor changes color when hit, and blocks change color on land (configure dyed wool, clay, glass, or even concrete/concrete powder!)
    • Creates a beautiful realistic paintball splash effect
  • 100% Configurable (every message can be changed!)
    • Edit every aspect of gameplay, even with per arena specific controls
  • Simple flatfile support OR SQL Support
  • Supports many versions: 1.8+
  • Up to 16 teams per arena
    • Customize each team's name and color
    • Color is matched on the player's wool hat, dyed armour, and scoreboard nametags
    • Beautiful death particles matching colors
  • Optional BungeeCord Support
  • 3 Arena Types
    • Normal: This is multi arena, where many arenas can occur at one time and players join with commands/signs
    • Rotation: One arena is always being played on the server and arena is automatically rotated randomly for each arena
    • Vote: One arena is always being played on the server and arena is set by the most votes using a vote menu
  • Easy Setup: Gives step by step setup for easy guiding of setting up arenas
    • Quick Admin Chest GUI setup coming soon
  • Wagers, Prizes, Win Commands
    • Customize the whole reward system, set awards/punishments for wins, loses, deaths, kills, ties, etc
    • Support percentage chance of winning something
    • Optional Vault Support
  • Amazing Scoreboards
    • The beautiful scoreboards are loved by many players
    • Fully customizable, no flicker, and in-depth information displayed nicely
  • Coin Shop
    • Allow players to buy cool guns and items to use in game
    • Customize use with donator permissions, vault prices, kill coin (kill streaks), prices, expiration times, materials, names, etc. all inside items.yml
  • Advanced Configs
    • arenas.yml: customize every single arena setting SPECIFICALLY for an arena, or keep it to the default config.yml
    • items.yml: customize every single Coin Shop item and even add CrackShot ones (see FAQ for how!)
    • config.yml: Customize every setting for gameplay
    • messages.yml: Customize every message
    • bungee.yml: Enable BungeeCord support with information
    • database.yml: Set your information for MySQL/SQL (this is optional, by default plugin stores in flat file and when you setup SQL it will auto store there)
    • playerdata folder: Stores all inventory items and player information to stop them from losing it
    • stats folder: Stores all statistics for leaderboards (use for holograms, commands, skulls, and signs)
    • Configs will never break and have an automated backup system to ensure no data is lost between updates, and configs automatically update during version changes
  • Game Hack Detection: Autoclicker
  • PlaceholderAPI Support for arena status, team_name, arena_name, team_color, stat types (see leaderboard section)
  • No Dependencies required, just drag and drop Paintball.jar and add optional dependencies (Vault, PlaceHolderAPI, etc.) if needed
  • No arena shape limitations
  • Extremely Easy Steps Setup
    • Never be left in the dark of how to create an arena, there is a step system provided after every command which shows exactly what commands you have to type in to finish setting up an arena
  • LeaderboardHeads Support (although my own leaderboard system can be used)
  • Holograms, Signs, and Skull Leaderboard Statistics
    • Display your per-player and server statistics on holograms, signs, or skulls which automatically update in real time
  • Join, Autojoin, Leave, and Spectate Signs
    • Never require your player to type in a command as signs provide every possible commands
    • Signs display arena status, player counts, and names IN REAL TIME
    • Automatically saves and restores inventories on join/leave/spectate
  • Multiple Spawn points
    • Create multiple lobby, game, or spectator spawn points so players can be disburse throughout the game
  • Titles, Actionbar, and Bossbar Usage
    • Information is always nicely shown to players with advanced techniques, such as loading bars
    • On start, it displays a description of how to play in action bar
    • Title bar is used for games like domination to show securing progress
  • Optional Join NPCs (see dependencies)
  • Supports Vault
    • If you do not have Vault, you can use the default money system provided by Minigames, OR you can use both at a time
  • Advanced Spectator
    • Spectators will be in ghost mode with fly abilities
    • Each get a menu for easy access to teleport to a player or leave the arena
  • No Arena modification
    • The plugin automatically detects the arena size, which means bounds do not have to be manually set with WorldEdit and that the plugin automatically prevents people from breaking blocks they shouldn't
  • Firework Kills Ending
    • Shows beautiful fireworks that show who killed who and the game winners
    • When the game ends creates show highlighting the winners and each player's stats
  • Wagers
    • Quickly make bets that use money to pay winning team, ex: /pb wager 10000 will use Vault to take out 10,000 from the account and distribute it among the winners
  • PlaceholderAPI Support (MSG me if missing anything you need)
  • Advanced Administrative Commands
    • From quickly resetting a player's statistics to removing or adding coins to a player, this plugin has every possible admin command you will need
  • Preventive Commands
    • Easily control and prevent what commands users should have inside arenas
  • Custom Chat Menu
    • Very nice looking chat that has per team, per arena, or global messaging
    • Supports Chat Colors
  • Automatically loads worlds if you do not have Multiverse
  • Configurable Metrics
  • Developer API
  • Easily change prefixes, scoreboards, colors, and sign layouts, hologram layouts, etc.
  • Simultaneous games
    • As many arenas playing at a time as you want
  • Join while in progress options
    • Not many plugins have this feature, but in config you can enable or disable the ability to join an arena WHILE it is already playing
    • Great donator perk!
  • Custom Health System
    • Coin Shop Guns merge with this new Health System to create AMAZING gameplay, extremely configurable and health is nicely shown in hearts and scoreboard
  • Safe Reloading
    • Almost no plugins support this, but Minigames, you can litterly type /reload in the middle of 10 games and have all your information continued as if it never happened
  • Unlimited spawnpoints
    • Customize every spawn point easily from spectator, lobby, and arena spawnpoints
    • Add as many spawnpoints as you like, the players will randomly teleport to one
  • Defined Errors
    • There is not one command or action that will not result in a DETAILED error (some plugins just leave you with a command menu or nothing when typing a command in wrong)
    • This will tell you exactly what is wrong with the plugin or your command when there is an issue with the syntax or plugin
  • Customize every action with its own sound
  • Specify accuracy inside config.yml OR per player
    • Use paintball.accuracy.<0%-100%> for example 50% accuracy is paintball.accuracy.50
    • Great for donator perks!
  • Have win commands be given with chances
    • Inside the win commands list add a line for 50% chance, "50:say "You are cool!""
  • Tons of 5 Star reviews!
    • This plugin has over 50 5 star reviews, if you don't believe this plugin is good...go read the reviews
  • Over 14,000 lines of code! This plugin is getting more feature packed every day!
  • Am I missing something? PM me and I will get that added for you

Files Packaged with the plugin. Take a look to see the HUNDREDS of configurable options:

config.yml: General Plugin Configuration with comments
Code (YAML):
# Theme color of messages. This is the main color used in main text. Set it to match your server
theme-color: '&3'
# Secondary color of messages. Used as a secondary color in with theme-color
secondary-color: '&7'
# Options: normal, rotation, vote
# normal - multiarenas join through command/sign
# rotation - one arena at a time which rotates automatically to a random arena
# vote - rotation, but instead of arenas being rotated randomly they are chosen by most votes
server-type: normal
# If you want to use Crackshot weapons instead of default Paintball weapons,
# install Crackshot and set this to true
crackshot: false

# If true, disables all commands in arena except for: Allowed commands and (if all-paintball-commands is true) Paintball commands.
disable-all-commands: true
# If true, allows ALL Paintball commands to be entered
all-paintball-commands: true
# Commands that will always be blocked while in the arena
- /god
- /enchant
# Commands that will always be allowed while in the arena. Usually put commands in here that will not affect game play in any way
- /money
- /time

# Per-Arena Settings #
# The default settings for each arena. Set an arena setting to "default" in order to use this default value ex: kills-to-win: default
# Arenas will auto-generate with values "default" whenever a new arena is created
# True - a player may join the game while it is in progress. False - player will only be able to join while it is waiting in lobby
allow-join-in-progress: false
# True - Fireworks will launch when a player dies. False - No firework will launch
firework-on-death: true
# True - When a protected player attacks another player their protection cencels. False - Protection only ends after timer ends
cancel-prot-on-hit: false
# True - How accurate default item's paintballs will shoot. 0 for full accuracy. default is 0.091
paintball-accuracy: 0.091
# How fast snowballs will shoot
speed: 3
# If true, users will be required to clear totally their inventory before joining the match to avoid losing data (useful when you have a per world inventory plugin)
safe-inventory: false
# The currency for money
currency: "$"
# The score in order to win. ex: DTC score is hits to destroy core, TDM score is kills to win, etc
max-score: 15
# Determines if team score on scoreboard will show as "Team: score/max-score" or score will countdown to 0 with "Team: (max-score) - score"
team-score-as-countdown: false
# How much time the game lasts. If no one reaches the kills-to-win when this timer ends the team with most kills is the winner
time: 300
# How many lives a player has before they are set to a spectator. 0 for unlimited lives, where they play until the time or max-score is reached
lives: 0
# How much time to wait after a team wins before players will be sent out of the arena. In this time players can see their scores and who won
win-waiting-time: 10
# True - Coin Shop is enabled for the arena. False - No Coin Shop and Coins are removed
coin-shop: true
# Time in seconds players have after they die before they can be killed by a snowball
safe-time: 5
# How many hits to kill an Arena player
hits-to-kill: 3
# Amount of seconds before a player can switch their team again (Prevents team switch spam)
team-switch-cooldown: 3
# When a player switches team should they teleport to the lobby location
teleport-on-team-switch: true
# True - Players can see nametags. False - Nametags will not be shown
nametags: true
# True - Coins will be shown on the scoreboard and incremented. False - Coins will be disabled
coins: true
# Material the Coin Shop will be, for a list of Materials see plugin page FAQ
coin-shop-type: MAGMA_CREAM
# Sound played to the shooter when a target player is damaged
hit-sound: ANVIL_BREAK
# Sound played to the damaged player when they are shot
damaged-sound: ENTITY_SPIDER_HURT
# Settings for when a player joins an arena
# True - Chat will only send to players on the same team. False - Chat will send to whole arena
per-team-chat: false
# True - Will give a colored wool helmet. False - Will give a colored armour helmet
wool-helmet: true

# Settings for when a player joins a lobby
# True - will give the player a item that allows them to switch team. False - player will not be able to switch team unless they leave and join
give-team-switcher: true
# True - Chat will only send to players on the same team. False - Chat will send to whole arena
per-team-chat: false
# True - Will give a colored wool helmet. False - Will give a colored armour helmet
wool-helmet: true

# If you want a command to be typed by a player, I recommend using Essential's sudo command
# Avaiable tags: %player%, %arena%
# To add commands, just add another - "" under the shown commands. By default these commands are disabled, remove the # to enable them
# By default the list is empty, if you add stuff don't forget to remove the [] in their name
# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when a player wins

# You can also give a percent for typing the command in, like here there is a 30% chance of getting a diamond sword
# To make your own chance use a number from 1-99 and format it like this... "number:command"
Win-Commands: []
#- "say %player% has won on %arena%! :)"
#- "30:give %player% DIAMOND_SWORD"

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when a player looses
Lose-Commands: []
#- "say %player% has lost on %arena%! :("

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when a player ties
Tie-Commands: []
#- "say %player% has tied on %arena%! :I"

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when a player kills another player
Kill-Commands: []
#- "say %player% has killed %died% on %arena%! :O"

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when the arena is started
Start-Commands: []
#- "20:speed %player% 3" this would give a 20% chance of getting speed 3 in the game
#- "speed %player% 2" this would give everyone a speed boost of 2

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when a player does /pb join or clicks a join/autojoin sign
Join-Commands: []
#- "say %player% joined %arena%, so if you message them, they might not answer!"

# List of commands that will be sent by the Console when someone does /pb leave, clicks a leave item or exists the game
Leave-Commands: []
#- "say %player% raged quit"

# %player% tag is not avaiable here. For %player% tag use Win/Lose/Win commands
Finish-Commands: []
#- "say Okay, the game is finished. Everyone join for next round!"

# Specific extra settings for CTF arenas
# Played sounds look at plugin page for the sound list specific to your version. By default there is no sound ("") because of different sound names for 1.8 and 1.9

# Sound played on a flag drop
Flag-Drop: "PIG_DEATH"
# Sound played on flag score
Flag-Score: "VILLAGER_YES"
# Sound played on flag pickyup
Flag-Pickup: "DIG_WOOL"

# Specific extra settings for CTF arenas
# Played sounds look at plugin page for the sound list specific to your version. By default there is no sound ("") because of different sound names for 1.8 and 1.9

# Sound played on a flag drop
Flag-Drop: "PIG_DEATH"
# Sound played on flag score
Flag-Score: "VILLAGER_YES"
# Sound played on flag pickyup
Flag-Pickup: "DIG_WOOL"

# Specific extra settings for DOM arenas
# How long it takes for someone to secure a base
secure-time: 10
# The interval of when to deduct the points. Every x seconds it will subtract the amount of claimed secured points they have
update-interval: 10
# How large a secure point will be generated
generate-size: 2
# Sound played when a player starts to secure a base
start-secure: "ITEM_PICKUP"
# Sound played when a player secures a base
secure: "VILLAGER_YES"

# Specific extra settings for KC arenas
# Sound played when a player confirms a kill (picks up another team's wool)
kill-confirmed: "ITEM_PICKUP"
# Sound played when a player denies a kill (picks up their own team's wool before other team does)
kill-denied: "PIG_DEATH"

# Default rewards
# Rewards having to do with coins. Coins are basically money recived on a kill, which can be used to buy special items. Coins are reset every game.
per-kill: 1
per-death: 0
# Rewards having to do with money. Money can also be used to buy special items and doesn't reset every game.
# Requires Vault
per-kill: 15
per-death: 10
per-win: 100
per-defeat: 50

# Settings to do with chat aspects of Paintball in game
# True - use arena chat which can only be viewed by arena players. False - will use global chat
use-arena-chat: true
# True - broadcasts winning teams to all players on the server. False - only players in arena will see who won
broadcast-winner: false
# Chat format for specators. Tags: %ARENA%, %PLAYER%, %MSG%, %PREFIX%.
# If using Vault & a chat plugin, use %PRE% or %SUF% to get that player's prefix/suffix from their group
spectator-chat: "&7[Spectator] %PLAYER%: %MSG%"
# Chat format for lobby players and in game players. Tags: %ARENA%, %PLAYER%, %MSG%, %TEAMCOLOR%, %TEAMNAME%, %PREFIX%
# If using Vault & a chat plugin, use %PREFIX% or %SUFFIX% to get that player's prefix/suffix from their group
arena-chat: "&8[%TEAMCOLOR%%TEAMNAME%&8] &a%PLAYER%&7: %MSG%"

# Lobby countdown configuration-- how long to wait for more players after the minimum is reached
# How long it will take until players are teleported to their spawnpoints. The longer the more players may join. 0 for no countdown
countdown: 20
# The interval when showing the numbers. Ex. 60...50...40...
# Set interval the same as the countdown to remove any countdown messages
interval: 5
# The number at which there will be no delay in showing numbers. Ex. 15...10...5......3...2...1...
no-interval: 5
# Arena countdown configuration - after players have been set to their team spawnpoints, a countdown begins
countdown: 10
interval: 5
no-interval: 5
items.yml: Configure items shown in Coin Shop or make your own with CrackShot

bungee.yml: add bungee support (see FAQ on how)

messages.yml: Configure every message of the plugin with chat colors
Code (YAML):
sign-title: '&8[%theme%Paintball&8]'
command-title: '&lPaintball'
prefix: '&8[&3Paintball&8] '
arena-list-command: '&9Arenas: %arena%'
command-arena-info: Display all Paintball Arena setup commands
command-create-info: Create a new Arena
command-setflag-info: Set Arena flag point
command-delflag-info: Delete Arena flag point
command-setlocation-info: Set Arena location
command-dellocation-info: Delete Arena location
command-setspectate-info: Set Arena spectate location
command-delspectate-info: Delete Arena spectate location
command-remove-info: Remove an arena
command-rename-info: Rename an Arena
command-setmax-info: Set max number of players
command-setmin-info: Set min amount of players
command-setteams-info: Set teams via ChatColors seperated by commas ex. &1,&b,&c
command-steps-info: List steps of an Arena
command-wager-info: Wager money for an Arena.
command-addcoin-info: Give coins to a player.
removed-all-files: Removed all files from folder.
double-coins: Double coins activated for the rest of the game.
command-convert-info: Convert an Arena to a different type
command-disable-info: Disable an Arena
command-enable-info: Enable an Arena
command-info-info: Display Arena information
command-reload-info: Reloads all yml files
command-reset-info: Reset a player's stats
command-start-info: Force start an Arena
command-stop-info: Force stop an Arena
command-admin-info: Display all Paintball Admin commands
command-setholo-info: Creates a leaderboard hologram
command-holo-info: Remove holograms around you
command-kick-info: Kick a player from Paintball
command-join-info: Join an Arena
command-leave-info: Leave an Arena
command-list-info: List of all Arenas
command-spectate-info: Spectate an Arena
command-stats-info: View player's game statistics
command-top-info: View leaderboards.
download-holo: Please download plugin HolographicDisplays to use this feature.
holo-link: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/holographic-displays/
holo-set: Hologram leaderboard set to your location!
in-arena-to-wager: You must be in an arena to wager!
amount-greater-than-0: Amount must be greater than zero!
wager-in-arena: You must be in an arena to wager!
enable-vault: Vault must be enabled for this feature.
vault-not-enough-money: You do not have enough money!
flying-enabled: Flying has been enabled
flying-disabled: Flying has been disabled
invalid-last-location: You do not have a last location.
teleporting-to-last-location: Teleporting to last location...
cannot-use-while-riding: You cannot use an item while riding something.
valid-number: Please enter a valid number
holograms-removed: Removed &7%amount% &aholograms.
no-holograms-removed: No holograms were removed.
no-arenas: No arenas are currently opened.
target-not-in-arena: Target is not in an arena!
not-in-arena: You are not in an arena.
cannot-join: 'Error: arena is not available to join!'
cannot-spectate: 'Error: arena is not available to spectate!'
left-arena: Successfully left arena.
arena-not-setup: '%arena% has not been fully setup.'
arena-disabled: '%arena% is disabled.'
arena-not-in-progress: '%arena% is currently not in progress'
not-found: Target '%player%' was not found.
in-arena: You are already in an arena!
arena-not-found: No arena named %arena% found.
page-real-number: Please specify a real number as the page.
page-bigger: The page cannot be lower than 0
page-find-error: Page %amount%/%max% cannot be found.
arena-create: '%arena% successfully created!/n%steps%'
arena-name-exists: An arena named %arena% already exists!
arena-remove: Arena has been removed.
arena-force-stopped: '%arena% has been force stopped!'
arena-convert-same-type: '%arena% is already a %arena-type% arena.'
arena-convert-success: '%arena% has been converted to %arena-type%'
invalid-arena: '%arena% is an invalid arena.'
invalid-team: '%team% is an invalid team. Choose either <%teams%>'
invalid-stat: '%stat% is an invalid statistic. Choose either %stats%'
invalid-command: Unknown Command! Type /paintball for a list of commands.
internal-error: 'An internal error has occurred: %error%'
no-permission: You don't have access to that command!
no-sign-permission: You don't have access to click that!
no-console-permission: Console does not have access to that command!
not-enough-arguments: Not enough arguments!
too-many-arguments: To many arguments!
no-teams-set: '%arena% does not have any teams set!'
invalid-arena-type: Invalid arena type. Choose either <%arena-types%>
choose-enable-or-disable: '%command% is an invalid choice. Use either enable/disable'
disable-success: '%arena% has been disabled!'
enable-success: '%arena% has been enabled!'
arena-enabled: '%arena% is already enabled.'
arena-is-finished: Game is already finished.
arena-default-action: shot
arena-start-countdown-header: '&aStarting'
arena-start-countdown-footer: '&7%time%&a seconds!'
arena-lobby-countdown-header: '&aWaiting'
arena-lobby-countdown-footer: '&7%time%&a seconds!'
arena-move-error: You are not allowed to move items in your inventory!
core-destroyed: Your Core has been destroyed!
arena-shop-name: '&6Coin Shop'
arena-no-duel-wield: You are not allowed to duel wield!
teleporting: '&aTeleporting into arena...'
arena-flag-drop: '&lThe %secondary%%team%%theme% team has dropped the flag!'
arena-flag-score: '&lThe %secondary%%team%%theme% team has scored a flag!'
arena-flag-steal: '&lPlayer %secondary%%sender%%theme% has stolen %secondary%%team%%theme%''s
arena-join-message: '%team-color%%sender%&a has joined the arena! &7%amount%/%max%'
arena-you-joined: '&aYou have joined the arena!'
arena-joined: '&aJoined arena'
arena-size: '&7%amount%/%max%'
arena-team-change: '&aYou are now on the %team-color%%team% Team!'
arena-cannot-break-blocks: You are not allowed to break blocks while in the arena!
arena-command-disabled: That command is disabled while in the arena.
arena-die-header: '&4&lYou died!'
arena-die-footer: '&7Respawning...'
cannot-attack-own-core: You cannot attack your own Core!
kick-player: '%player% has been kicked from %arena%'
player-not-in-arena: '%player% is not in an arena.'
balancing-teams: '%theme%Balancing Teams'
error-parsing: Error parsing command
space-filled: Sorry, your space has been filled by other player.
places-not-found: Sorry, no places could not be found in this arena.
skull-created: Leaderboard skull successfully created!
valid-4-number: Line 4 must be a valid number.
choose-rank-number: 'Choose a rank number, for example: 3'
now-spectating: Now spectating &7%player%&a!
you-are-now-spectating: '&aYou are now spectating!'
config-reloaded: Successfully reloaded configuration files.
paintkillers-on: Paintkillers have taken effect!
not-find-target: Could not find target.
arena-is-fill: '%arena% is full!'
scoreboard-title: '%theme%&l Paintball &f%secondary%%time% '
scoreboard-coins: Coins %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-kills: Kills %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-kill-streak: Kill Streak %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-kd: K/D %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-money: Money %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-line: '&7&m '
scoreboard-status: Status %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-lives: Lives %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-mode: Mode %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-health: Health %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-players: Count %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-team: Team %secondary%» %amount%
scoreboard-wager: Wager %secondary%» %amount%
item-leave-arena: '&c&lClick%secondary% » &4Leave Arena'
sign-wrong-syntax: Wrong syntax for creating Paintball sign.
sign-autojoin-created: Auto Join sign successfully created!
sign-join-created: Join sign successfully created!
sign-leave-created: Leave sign successfully created!
sign-spectate-created: Spectate sign successfully created!
sign-leaderboard-removed: Leaderboard sign has been successfully removed!
sign-leave-removed: Leave sign has been successfully removed!
sign-autojoin-removed: Autojoin sign has been successfully removed!
sign-join-removed: '%arena%''s join sign has been successfully removed!'
skull-leaderboard-removed: Leaderboard skull has been successfully removed!
sign-spectate-removed: '%arena%''s spectate sign has been successfully removed!'
sign-leave: '&cLeave'
sign-spectate: '&aSpectate'
cannot-join-server-type: Joining is disabled for %server-type% Paintball server.
arena-menu-vote-name: '%theme%Arena Vote'
arena-menu-join-name: '%theme%Arena Join'
back-to-hub: §cHub
arena-start-message: Game started
arena-teams-not-balanced: You cannot change to this team until the teams are balanced.
kill-confirmed: '&e&lKill Confirmed!'
kill-denied: '&c&lKill Denied!'
ctf-short-name: CTF
ctf-long-name: Capture the Flag
ctf-description: Capture other team's flags and bring them to your base
tdm-short-name: TDM
tdm-long-name: Team Deathmatch
tdm-description: Kill players on the other team
ffa-short-name: FFA
ffa-long-name: Free For All
ffa-description: Everyone is on their own team
dom-short-name: DOM
dom-long-name: Domination
dom-description: Secure other team's beacon points
lts-short-name: LTS
lts-long-name: Last Team Standing
lts-description: Limited lives, last team standing wins
rtf-short-name: RTF
rtf-long-name: Rush the Flag
rtf-description: Capture the neutral flag and bring it to your base
dtc-short-name: DTC
dtc-long-name: Destroy the Core
dtc-description: Get to the other team's Core and shoot it to destroy it
kc-short-name: KC
kc-long-name: Kill Confirmed
kc-description: After you kill a player, confirm the kill before the other team does
higest-kill-streak: Highest Killstreak
team-won: The %team% team won!
there-was-a-tie-between: 'There was a tie between '
won: won
lost: lost
you: You
kd: K/D
kills: Kills
deaths: Deaths
accuracy: Accuracy
shots: Shots
hits: Hits
games-played: Games Played
wins: Wins
defeats: Defeats
ties: Ties
flags-captured: Flags Captured
flags-dropped: Flags Dropped
time-played: Time Played
game-forfeited: Game forfeited. There are not enough players to continue.
no-space: You do not have enough hotbar space for this item.
arena-join-permission: You do not have permission to join that arena!
top-leaderboard-title: '%secondary%&m %theme% Paintball Top %secondary%%page%%theme%
Leaderboard %secondary%&m '
per-leaderboard-title: '%secondary%&m %theme% Paintball %stat% Leaderboard
&7%page%%theme%/&7%max% %secondary%&m '
top-leaderboard-layout: '%theme%#%rank% %secondary%%stat% » %theme%%sender% %secondary%-
per-leaderboard-layout: '%theme%#%rank%%secondary% » %theme%%sender% %secondary%-
being-secured: '%theme%%sender%%secondary% is being secured by %theme%%team%'
has-secured: '%theme%%sender%%secondary% has secured %theme%%team%'
you-are-protected: 'You are still protected. Protection: %time% seconds'
they-are-protected: 'That player is protected. Protection: %time% seconds'
hit-player: Hit player! %amount%/%max%
team-full: '&rTeam %team% is full!'
must-be-arena-player: Target must be an arena player!
not-setup: Not Setup
waiting: Waiting
disabled: Disabled
starting: Starting
stopping: Stopping
playing: Playing
removed: Remoaced
expiration-time: '%theme%&lExpiration » %secondary%%time%%theme% seconds'
expiration-end: '%theme%&lExpiration » %secondary%Item %item%%theme% has expired'
protection-end: '%theme%&lProtection » %secondary%Protection has expired'
protection-time: '%theme%&lProtection » %secondary%%time% §3seconds'
team-switch-time: '%theme%&lTeam Switch » %secondary%%time%§3 seconds'
team-switch-end: '%theme%&lTeam Switch » %secondary%Team switching unlocked'
team-switch-error: '%theme%&lTeam Switch » %secondary%Wait for the team switch cooldown
to end.'
team-switch-title: Team Switcher
gave-coins: You have given &7%amount% &acoins to &7%player%
wager-gain-amount: '%theme%Total money gained from wager: %secondary%%currency%%amount%'
missing-team-flag: §4§lError§7 » §cYou are missing you team's flag!
game-stats: '%theme% Games Stats '
money1: 'Money: '
kills1: 'Kills: '
deaths1: 'Deaths: '
killstreak1: 'Killstreak: '
kd1: 'KD: '
your-team1: 'Your team '
tied1: tied
click: Click
join: Join
teleporter: Teleporter
teleport-to: 'Teleport to '
change-team: Change Team
coin-item-error-1: You don't have permission to use this item!
coin-item-error-2: You don't have enough coins!
coin-item-error-3: You don't have enough money!
lore-description: '%theme%Description: '
lore-lasts: '%theme%Lasts: '
lore-cost: '%theme%Cost: '
lore-coins: '%theme%Coins: '
lore-minutes: minutes
lore-seconds: seconds
voted-for-arena: You have voted for §7%arena%
storage-not-empty: You must clear your inventory storage contents before joining.
armour-not-empty: You must clear your inventory armour contents before joining.
extra-not-empty: You must clear your inventory extra contents before joining.
max-uses-per-game: §cItem has reached its max amount of uses per game.
max-uses-per-player: §cItem has reached its max amount of uses per player.
reset-flag: §l%player% has reset %team%'s flag!
shot-player-format: '%team-color%%player%%secondary% %action% %died-team-color%%died%'
arena-state-check: '%arena% is %state%.'
stat-title: '%secondary%§m §r %theme%%player%''s Stats §r %secondary%§m '
player-wagered: '%player% has wagered %currency%%wager-amount% (%currency%%wager-total%)'

How do I set up CrackShot with Paintball?
CrackShot guns is now fully integrated with CrackShot. This means any weapon you make in CrackShot (as long as it shoots Paintballs) can now be given to players using the Coin Shop. To setup, install CrackShot, set `crackshot: true` inside config.yml, and inside items.yml paste this code:
Code (Text):

name: AK-47
amount: 1
shown: true
description: |-
Shoot with 100% accuracy
out of an AK-47
money: 0.0
coins: 5
time: 120
permission: ''
action: mowed down
uses-per-player: -1
uses-per-game: -1
damage: 1
delay-ms: 150
walking-speed: 0.2
custom-sound: ''
is-default: false

For each weapon you create inside CrackShot, there must be a section with that item and these settings. Most importantly, the path (in this example AK-47) must be identical to the name of your CrackShot item. The properties in this section (lore, material, etc) are used soley for display inside the Coin Shop. After the item is bought the CrackShot item is given to the player.

Why stop at up to 16 teams per arena?

Which versions work where?
The latest version supports 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.11.2, 1.12+
Basically 1.7 and down are not supported.

How do I set an arena's teams?

I have had some really bad past experiences with premium plugins and am hesitant on downloading

How to setup BungeeCord? And how does it work?

  1. Go to bungee.yml, set bungee to true
  2. Go to bungee.yml set hub-server-id to the name of your hub server
  3. Download a plugin like BungeePortals or BungeeSigns to your hub server
  4. Place signs in hub server to send a player to the game server
  5. When the player clicks the hub sign, they will join the server and automatically join a game
  6. When a game ends, the arena will shut and players will be sent back to hub
  7. If you want the plugin to set the Bungee server's motd, inside bungee.yml set state-as-motd to true. Then use
    a plugin like BungeeSigns which would fetch the motd with %motd% placeholder to be displayed on a sign


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