Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.18 | 1k+ Purchases

Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.18 | 1k+ Purchases files leak

Matrix Anti Cheat | Advanced Cheat Detection | 1.8 & 1.12 ~ 1.18 | 1k+ Purchases

After you bought the plugin, please join our discord server, and PM me to get the premium user account and discord role!(DM RE)

Matrix is an advanced anti-cheat plugin, it can quickly detect many types of cheating, and supports multiple Minecraft server versions. It has been developed for a long time and is adopted by many large servers. You can try it on


Matrix has 16 checks, their main functions are as follows:

  • KillAura & HitBox & Click check - It can detect and prevent players from using cheating during combat, such as KillAura, AimBot, Reach, HitBox, MultiAura, AutoClicker, etc
  • Move & Jesus check - It prevents players from using movement cheating, such as Speed, Fly, Step, Climb, Jesus, etc
  • BadPackets check - It prevents players from sending abnormal data packets or sending data packets too fast, and can prevent cheating such as Timer, SkinBlinker, etc.
  • Delay check - Prevent players from speeding up certain game operations, such as eating fast, using bow fast, clicking backpack fast, etc.
  • Scaffold check - Prevent various types of Scaffold/Tower cheating
  • Block check - Prevent players from destroying or placing blocks abnormally, such as FastBreak, Nuker, FastPlace, etc.
  • Velocity check - Check if the player responded to the knockback normally, which can prevent the player from using the anti-knockback
  • Chat check - Prevent players from chatting too fast
  • Interact check - Detect abnormal interactions between players and blocks or entities, such as attacking entities through walls
  • Phase check - Prevent players from moving into blocks
  • AutoBot check - Prevent players from using automated robots Mod to play games
  • Vehicle & Elytra check - Prevent players from cheating using elytra/vehicle, such as ElytraFly, VehicleFly, etc


  • Powerful - Matrix is a powerful anti-cheat, it can quickly detect the vast majority of cheating, compared to other anti-cheating, Matrix can detect more cheating, and stable and fast
  • CrossVersion - Matrix can support multiple versions of the server, and we will continue to update to support the latest version of Minecraft
  • Customization - Matrix is a highly customizable anti-cheat. You can define the punishment commands for each check, and the configuration files are clearly divided, and different settings are divided into different files.
  • GUI Control - You can perform some anti-cheat operations through the GUI without complicated commands
  • Quick support - Matrix can always respond to support within 24 hours, and can quickly release updates
  • Configuration Share - You can share your profile with others very easily! Use the command /matrix share to share your configuration file, you will get a Configuration file ID, and you can share the ID with others. Others only need to use the /matrix dlcfg <Config ID> command to download your configuration file
  • Geyser Support - Matrix supports GeyserMC, you can go to our wiki to learn how to install: WIKI

(These videos are usually out of date)


  1. Drag ProtocolLib and Matrix files into the "/plugins" folder
  2. Restart your server
  3. Ready to use

/matrix gui - Open control panel
/matrix status - Check the status of a player
/matrix notify <message> - Send notify message to all online staff
/matrix verbose - Enable/Disable the verbose output
/matrix kick <player> <reason> - Kick a player out of the server
/matrix msg <player> <message> - Send a warning message to the player
/matrix violations - Open the violation GUI directly
/matrix spec <player> - Spectate a player
/matrix ping <player> - view player's latency value
/matrix share - share your configuration with others
/matrix dlcfg <config id> - download public configurations
/matrix togglenotify - toggle notification messages output
/matrix reload - Reload the plugin

matrix.command: The most basic command permissions, it is required to execute any Matrix command
matrix.gui: Use the GUI command
matrix.bypass: Bypass the anti-cheat
matrix.kick: Use the kick command
matrix.notify: See the notify message
matrix.verbose: Use the verbose command and see the verbose output
matrix.warn: Use the "/matrix msg" command
matrix.togglechecks: Opening toggling checks GUI
matrix.violations: Use "/matrix violations" command Use the "/matrix ping" command
matrix.spec: Use the "/matrix spec <player>" command
matrix.reload: Use the reload command
matrix.*: All the permissions mentioned above


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