⇸♛ KITPVP REBORN | TRUE CUSTOM PLUGINS | Levels | Tags | Trails| Ranks | Menus ♛⇷

⇸♛ KITPVP REBORN | TRUE CUSTOM PLUGINS | Levels | Tags | Trails| Ranks | Menus ♛⇷ files leak

⇸♛ KITPVP REBORN | TRUE CUSTOM PLUGINS | Levels | Tags | Trails| Ranks | Menus ♛⇷

You can test out this setup and all our other setups at our test server:

The test server also includes a /cheat menu so you can see all the different ranks and such without spending hours grinding. This isn't in the real setup.

This server comes with tons of documentation and support! This includes tons of video tutorials and written information for installation and customization. This also includes 24/7 support in our Discord!

Premiere Setups is back! with another amazing entry into our reborn series lineup. Today we are looking at KitPvP Reborn which brings some unique takes to the loved kitpvp gamemode while keeping the core gameplay alive. In this setup, we packed in a beautiful arena and some amazing custom plugins.

KitPVP - Forked
We took a loved kitpvp core and made it our own with some unique enhancements such as a bounty system to provide extra experience when you kill a player on a killstreak.

Chat Reborn
A unique plugin that allows you to see unique details of players and their chat when hovering over their names. This time including stats.

This build is created entirely exclusive to me and offers some amazing visuals and includes a built-in PvP Arena. You can see this in-game at hub.premieresetups.com

This build comes with an extensive tunnel system that allows for a whole new aspect of fighting along with platforms to jump from island to island which adds another level of suspense for your players.

When a player kills multiple players in a role without dying they are put on a killstreak and a bounty is automatically placed on that player.

Anyone who is able to kill the player receives a bonus experience for killing them. The amount of bonus experience a player would receive is displayed before the name of the user.

There are 5 different donor ranks that players can receive, each rank receives one unique kit. The donor kits are Rino, Ninja, Kangaroo, Warper, and Soldier.

There are 10 player kits and 5 donor kits. Each kit has a unique ability too it. The default three kits that all players receive are Archer, Tank, and Chemist. The other kits are unlocked by leveling up from killing players.

Players can use the money earned from killing players to purchase keys in the shop which allows for unique cosmetics when fighting players. These cosmetics have no gameplay advantage.

Players can use the shop to purchase various items including keys that allow for different cosmetic rewards.


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